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The bricks, the wood and the marine decoration plant a warm and convivial decoration.
Old photographs of fishermen transport you
atmosphere of yesteryear.

For a business, corporate or end-of-the-year meal, we are at your service!
Bachelor party or birthday party, anniversary ...

The adventure begins in 1996.

The "Bel Canto" is created by Bernard and Danièle Bernalicis.

A challenge : open a pizzeria.

The boss of Italian origin, in love with music, good flesh and Audresselles decides to name the restaurant the "beautiful song".

The restaurant has lasted for 12 years in an unusual atmosphere where the conviviality, the good mood and where the international accustomed came to find a character and its framework.

The pizzeria has evolved over time to become a restaurant, a brasserie combining the specialties of the coast: seafood, fish, mussels fried, some Italian specialties, not to mention the good Belgian beers.

It was in 2007 that the adventure had to stop! Only wanting to leave 12 years of a life in the past, I decide to take over the family business by bringing a personal touch

Why "The Odyssey"? This is in reference to the first name "Elodie"; but especially to evoke the journey in which I am engaged.

Later, I discovered that the first meaning of the word "Bel Canto" is actually "the song of the sirens" in the Odyssey of Ulysses.

The Game of Chance ?

Thus, you will discover that time stops here, that the fresh products worked by the chef deserve a certain time of preparation and cooking. And remember that Ulysses thought he had gone for a short journey and that in fact it lasted for many years ...

Just like this mythical hero, we do not have the gift of the oracle, we do not know the affluence in advance and are subject to the vagaries of time.

In short: "patience and length of time are more than strength or rage" and "everything comes to the point to who knows how to wait" ...

It is in this spirit that from now on you are part of the journey, probably bewitched by the song of sirens.


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Pizza, Fish

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Brasserie - Restaurant


Free Parking, WiFi

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Mobile payment, Without contact, Apple Pay, Eurocard/Mastercard, Maestro, Visa, Contactless Payment, Cash, Cheques, Debit Card

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Mon - Thu

12:00 - 14:00 19:00 - 20:00


12:00 - 14:00 19:00 - 20:30

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18 RUE MARIN LA MESLEE 62164 AUDRESSELLES 03 74 11 64 42